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All across Regnum Periculi the story goes that every winter solstice, whilst the children are dancing round the maypole and enjoying the festivities, a portal opens to the rooms of all the good boys and girls and gifts are carried through by Julenissen's gnomes. Of course this is a myth, apart from in the spa town of Aquae Curatio where the local mage decided long ago that people need more magic in their lives and actually does it. He has an army of gnomes making toys for the kids and every solstice he opens a complex series of portals and has presents delivered.

Unfortunately, one year not long after Rayder ravaged the north the gnomes were stirred up by a rival sorcerer calling himself Jack Frost. They tied up "Julenissen" and captured his loyal gnomes and locked them up. Meanwhile they began using the magical construction apparatus to build an army to invade town on the night of the solstice.

The party returned to town after a fruitless search of the Blackmist mountains, searching for Layrd Grobnose the notorious Orc warlord who was rumoured to be hiding out there. Resting in the town, Fran found out that Julenissen - the real Julenissen! - was to be appearing at the Prancing Pony to ask the children what they were hoping for this solstice. She "persuaded" Thog to queue for her all day, before heading in to see the man with all the loot.

Julenissen turned out to be a disappointment, telling all the children they had been bad and to expect retribution from behind his obviously fake beard. Asking around, Fran found out there was a mage living a couple of miles outside of town. Leaping to the obvious conclusion that this was the hiding place of Julenissen himself, she dragged the rest of the party out there to ask questions.

After a failed attempt to break in, which resulted in Breme learning why wizards tend not to fight hand to hand, the investigation turned into a fully fledged break-in. Much to the protestations of Krak the party butchered the guardian reindeer, picked up Breme, and pulled the door open. Inside they found all manner of exciting magic trinkets, but no gnomish wizard. Krak found a secret door, and the party crept down the passageway and watched Thog set himself on fire on the trapped door at the end.

Through the door was a river of chocolate on which Breme felt he had to use his Quaal's Swan Boat token. Sadly the river was too small to accomodate a swan boat, so a duck boat sprang into life and the party sailed into the gloom. Unfortunately they had set off the alarm, so there was a reception of disgruntled gnomes waiting for them. Completely ignoring the (illusionary) sounds of impending doom, the posse set to hacking their way through the gnomes with wild abandon then came up against the enchanted solstice trees guarding the way ahead. Whilst Krak released his inner lumberjack, Breme found a rod of burning hands in his bag and burnt the other one to the ground.

Beyond the door guarded by the trees they found a room trapped with an electric floor. Thog ran around opening all the doors in there, alerting all the enemies at once and the party was mobbed by an army of teddybear golems, angry gnomes, half-cooked turkeys and a very flammable solstice pudding. Slowly the party gained the upper hand and finally threw the final door open to confront Jack Frost himself. He was understanably miffed to see them and proceeded to blast away at them with assorted snow spells, despite the annoyance of an interestingly used web spell, before taking a bit of a kicking and being forced to invisibly hide himself whilst regenerating.

Thog and Krak found and freed Julenissen and his gnomes with Krak coming under fire from the invisible Frost. Finally he revealed himself by charming Thog and was immediately beaten to a bloody pulp by Krak and Breme.

Julenissen was rescued and solstice in Aquae Curito was saved. Thog got his teddy bear and even Fran got a gift, despite looting the house on the way in.

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