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Also known as the Pirate Isles, the region is a large collection of small islands south of Regnum Periculi. It is sparsely populated by humans of a dark complexion who have developed their seafaring abilities into an art form. The southern islands are also home to many temples devoted to the study of different and exotic martial disciplines.

The inhabitants of the region have no central government. The temples maintain the jungle islands on which they are located, building tracks to travel from place to place. Mostly the region is ruled by might, with any excesses of the seafarers countered by the powers of the temples.

Wystry had little contact with Regnum Periculi for a long time. As the prowess of the seafolk increased, they started looking further afield for adventure and found it in the fledgling shipping of their northern neighbours. Initial contact was reasonably peaceful, but the superior attitude of the northeners quickly infuriated the Wystry pioneers and they decided raiding the shipping was a better way to live than trading with the peoples. Wystry vessels in Regnum waters were a rare sight, but they developed a fearsome reputation for piracy.

Inevitably Regnum Periculi made advances in its fleets and discovered the archipelago to the south. Raids on the colonies began. On land the northeners had the advantage of advanced weaponry and techniques, but in the water the southeners held sway. The temples were largely left alone. No raid on a temple succeeded, and those few that returned spoke of small numbers of incredible warriors fighting back the raiding parties. Anyway, there were enough ordinary folk to attack without endangering oneself unnecessarily.

Many of the raiding ships were slavers. Although slavery was illegal in the north there were enough opportunities on the black market to make the raids profitable.

Eventually, attempts at negotiations were made and were finally making progress when Iustus took control of the north. Overnight diplomatic negotiations were ceased and with the legalisation of slavery, the slavers descended on Wystry with a vengence. Even some of the temples were pillaged and burnt to the ground.

Today, the continent is recovering slowly from the wounds inflicted during the Dark Times. They are rebuilding their ships and returning to their old ways of life. The colonies are in better contact with each other than before and a fledgling government has emerged. Queen Gabrielle has established an embassy and slavery is a capital offence.

In the north, the Queen has established the rights of any citizen of Wystry travelling the lands. Old prejudices die hard however, and these prejudices have been running since long before the Dark Times. Particularly amongst the nobility, citizens of Wystry are considered second class and in some areas they are treated barely better than slaves. The Queensguard stamps on any such racism but it is still rife.

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