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Welcome to the DIAK Discussion Group Home page

What is this page and how should you use it?

This website has been created to form a wiki based on the discussions undertaken over the course of the year. It is the place to upload your comments, ideas and summaries of the discussions. This is the place where you can organise and expand on the different topics covered by the group.

Over the course of the year each group member will host at least one session, with the focus being driven by a point particularly relevant to them. After the session is over they will be responsible for creating a summary page and uploading it here. This will then form the basis for any further discussion or development.

The intention of this wiki is to allow researchers to quickly see the different topics and promote discussion and collaboration within the group and in the IdMRC.

What do you need to propose a discussion:

  • An idea of what would be an interesting topic either pertinent to your research specifically or of wider interest.
  • A brief introduction either in the form of a couple of slides or a poster to focus the initial discussion.
  • Finally, send all this to who will upload it to the page and sort out scheduling.

One final note - I (Phil) am available to help you with any of the above points and am more tha willing to help you refine any ideas you have or introduce new things to the discussion group. Last year for example a joint paper was produced for the Design '10 conference.


  • 21/Feb/2011 - A summary of the Qualitative research and interpretivist approaches hotgroup is now up.
  • 16/Feb/2011 - Visualising Meta-data hotgroup page uploaded.
  • 17/Jan/2011 - New time table for hotgroups up - sessions between 28/01 to 12/08.
  • 12/Nov/2010 - More info for the collaborative paper up.
  • New - First and second hotgroup notes up.

Contact us

The main editor for this wiki is Philip Cash, a PhD student at the IdMRC University of Bath. If you have any questions or comments please contact Philip via:

Specific pages may be updated or added by other researchers, if you wish to contact the researcher responsible for the page that interests you please contact Philip and he will forward your message on.


The work reported in this website has been undertaken as part of the EPSRC Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre at the University of Bath (grant reference GR/R67507/0) and has been supported by a number of industrial companies. The authors gratefully acknowledge this support and express their thanks for the advice and support of all concerned.


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