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LaTeX Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts and Nuances

Following from Steve Green's excellent talk at the Maths Postgrad away day Jan 2010, we have created this page as as a place for everyone to share all the little things that make life easy when using LaTeX.

Please post all the interesting things you find, including packages and workarounds for problems you have experienced.  (Non-LaTeX related tips on PhD life can be found at Home Maths PG Tips)

A few comprehensive LaTeX guides can be found here:

The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network is the home of almost all the LaTeX packages and tools you will ever need. The easiest way to find what you're after is to search Graham Williams' Catalogue.

The TeX/LaTeX section of StackExchange is a brilliant place to go to get specific questions answered.

LaTeX Community has some interesting articles in the 'Know How' section, as well as discussion forums.

mailing list has been created for those interested in sharing LaTeX and Overleaf tips, tricks and - it's a public list for Bath users only. You can subscribe to the list via the University's mailing list tool (sign in, search for the list by name i.e. latex), to enable you to send and view messages. This is intended to generate a self-sustaining and informal community of practice. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

There is a blank template LaTeX file which can be used to kick-start a project in Overleaf, provided by Andrew Wainwright

There are also a couple of actual LaTeX source files freely available to anyone:

To help with posting on the wiki, if you have some simple LaTeX code you wish to demonstrate, insert a Code macro to show the source code (sadly LaTeX syntax highlighting is not available):


and insert a LaTeX Formatting macro to show the rendered output:


The old LaTeX macro does not seem to work any more.

All the articles are found in the children of this page, so if you can't see then click on the "show children" link below.