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The pdfpages package

The package pdfpages is really useful for putting one or more pages of one pdf document onto another A4 page using Latex.  For example to get your entire thesis on one page of A4 compile the following Latex code with pdflatex.




\includepdf[nup=13x13,pages=1-152,delta= 0.0cm 0.0cm, frame=true]{thesis.pdf}


To create a nice handout for a beamer presentation first compile your presentation using the handout option e.g.


then replace the penultimate line in the example Latex file above with some thing like

\includepdf[nup=4x2,pages=1-18,delta= 0.5cm 0.5cm, frame=true]{presentation.pdf}

For more information on the pdfpages goto

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