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  • Use the navigation bar at the top of the screen to move around the LMF.
  • The bar contains four options: Home, Your Files, Your Groups and Log out.
  • Home shows you a list of the most recent
    • files that you have uploaded. (Your Files)
    • files that you have shared with groups or that have been shared with a group that you are in (your group files)
    • files which others have shared personally with you (files shared personally with you).
  • Upload is where you can quickly get to upload a file straight to your Filestore.
  • Your Files displays files and folders which are in the Filestore.
  • Your Groups shows groups you administer, those you belong to and public groups.
  • Log out logs you out of the LMF.
  • You can also use links within each page to navigate around. e.g. on a group page you will see links to files and folders shared with that group.
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