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Should you wish to add entire unit or programme cohorts, the information on the SAMIS Integration might be (more) desirable.


You will need to follow the steps below to add or enrol users onto Moodle courses manually.
  • Locate the Administration block within your course
  • Press the Users link and then the Enrolled users link
  • Click on the Enrol users button (shown below), which in turn will launch a pop-up window.

  • From the Assign roles dropdown, select the role that you wish to enrol - e.g. Teacher, Student etc.
  • From the search box at the bottom of the window, enter your search term (as below) and click on Search

  • Select the relevant name from the list of suggested users and click on the Enrol button (as highlighted above). Repeat the process as required to enrol further users.
  • Once you are finished, click on Finish enrolling users.

Should your search not yield the Moodle user that you are looking for, you may wish to consider the advice outlined at Adding users to Moodle.



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