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Why can't I upload an additional file?

  1. The tutor might have chosen to use the assignment activity 'Upload a single file'. If this is this case, the student could upload multiple files that have been zipped into one .zip file.  However, a .zip file cannot be processed by the Turnitin plagiarism checking service.
  2. The tutor might have limited the number of files that can be uploaded to just one file. The maximum number of uploaded files can be set when creating or updating an 'advanced upload of files' assignment activity.

Why can't I see the 'Upload a file' button?

  1. The deadline for the assignment might have passed for an assignment that is set up to prevent late submission of files.
  2. The student might have already uploaded the maximum number of files.

Why can't I see the 'Send for Marking' button?

'Send for marking' is an optional function in the Moodle assignment activity that has been added to allow the student and tutor to undertake a draft/re-draft process.  You do not need to click on a 'Send for marking' button to make the file visible to the tutor for marking, you only need to upload the file. If 'Send for Marking' has not been enabled for the submission point then the student will not see the button on the file upload screen. It will be sufficient to upload a file.

How do I check that my file has uploaded correctly?

If a file has uploaded correctly the filename will show on the file upload screen.  It is always a good idea to leave that page and return to the assignment submission point to check that the file is visible there. It would also be wise to open the file that you see on this page to check that it is the correct file and that the file has uploaded in an uncorrupted format.

What if I want to change the uploaded file?

This is only possible if the tutor has set up the assignment activity so that deletion of files is enabled. To delete the assignment, navigate back to the submission via 'Edit Submission' and click on the submitted file.  This will open a pop-up window with options to delete. You will then (if enabled) be permitted to add a new file. If this isn't possible, it may be that it either isn't enabled, the due date has passed or there is 1 maximum attempt and thus, the first submission is considered Final.

Why am I getting an error message?

  1. The student may be trying to upload a file format that Moodle doesn't recognise. Moodle recognises the majority of file types, however if using Turnitin to check the work only the following file types will be supported:

    • Microsoft Word® (.doc/.docx)

    • OpenOffice Text (.odt)

    • WordPerfect®  (.wpd)

    • PostScript (.ps/.eps)

    • HTML

    • Hangul Word Processor file (.hwp)

    • Rich text format (.rtf)

    • Plain text (.txt)

    • Google Docs via Google Drive™

    • Adobe® PDF
    • Microsoft PowerPoint® (.pptx, .ppt, .ppsx, and .pps)

    • Microsoft Excel® (.xls and .xlsx)

  2. The file may be too big for that particular assignment submission point.  The tutor will have specified a maximum file size when they set up the assignment activity. The student will be alerted to the maximum file sixe when on the file upload screen (see image below). 
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