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Moodle Teachers can create new rubrics from scratch or (if preferred) can use a template.  Rubric templates are either those that have been centrally defined by the Moodle Administrators, or those that the Teacher has previously created and now wishes to re-use. 

Templates can be re-used in their original form, however it is also possible for the Moodle Teacher to edit the new copy if required.

Enabling Rubric Functionality

  • Add an Assignment activity
  • Apply assignment settings as required, selecting Rubric as the Grading method (as shown below)

  • Press the Save and return to course button


Creating a New Rubric

  • Click onto your Assignment activity
  • Click the Advanced Grading link in the Administration block (the following icons appear)

  • Select Define new grading form from scratch (the following screen appears)

  • Add a rubric Name and (if desired) a description
  • Click to edit criterion and then Click to edit level - entering appropriate text

Criterion and levels can be increased by pressing the 'Add level' and 'Add criterion' buttons as necessary.  To remove either a criterion or a level, click the relevant red cross

  • Apply rubric options as required
  • Press the 'Save rubric and make it ready' button


Previewing rubrics prior to submission

If students are to be able to review the rubric before they submit their assignment, the Moodle Teacher needs to have first enabled this feature in the rubric itself (see FAQ on creating rubrics).

When a student clicks on an assignment which has a rubric attached to it, they will see the rubric as part of the information about their assignment. Thus, they can see the rubric before they submit




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