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It is easy to download as a zip file all the files submitted by students to one particular Assignment activity:

  • Click on the name of the required Assignment activity.
  • Click on View/grade all submissions in the centre of the page

  • On the Grading Screen click on the link Download all assignments as a zip towards the top right (as below)

  • You will be prompted to Save File.
  • When you open the zip file you will find all the student submissions inside with filenames in the format studentfirstname studentlastname_student's filename.

Working with Groups

If you teach only one group, and don't want to download the whole cohort's submitted work:

  • Click on the Separate groups dropdown list and choose to view only one group of students.
  • Follow the instructions above to download that group's submitted work as a ZIP file.

For this option to be available, unit participants will need to have been organised into groups and 'separate groups' enabled in the Assignment Activity settings.

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