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Moodle is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used at the University of Bath. It is essentially a website that facilitates the delivery of content and activities to students, through the provision of a range of built in tools and functions. It can be accessed at

The Moodle Support Hub hosts a range of (mainly Teacher focused) Moodle-related support material, much of which has been created in house by the Technology Enhanced Learning team. It contains:

The structure is relatively simple. You can either search through the options on the navigation bar, or let the search engine search for keywords. Materials are currently being updated to reflect our recent move to Moodle 3.11 during summer 2022.
Moodle Training

Explore new and updated features in Moodle 3.11 on the TEL Service Blog.

To arrange individual, departmental, faculty or team specific training, please contact the Technology Enhanced Learning team at

Contact the Technology Enhanced Learning team!

Don't forget! The fastest way to get a Moodle query-related response from a member of the Technology Enhanced Learning team is by sending an email to

Please note that you may receive a slower response to emails sent to individual team members' email addresses due to individual commitments or absences. 

Students with queries should report them to the relevant Moodle course owner who can then liaise with the team to resolve any issues that they cannot respond to. Regrettably we are not resourced to take student queries directly.

Managing users with the SAMIS integration

There are a number of ways that students can be added to a Moodle course, and their method of enrolment will determine whether or not they will be removed automatically at the end of the academic period. The vast majority of students are enrolled through the SAMIS Integration.

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