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According to the Moodle Docs resource, "A meta course is a course that is... linked to one or more courses for its student enrolment... Adding or subtracting participants in a metacourse can only be done from the courses it is linked to."


Enabling Metacourses

  • From the course settings block of the proposed 'parent' course:
  • Select the Users link from the Administration block
  • Click on the Enrolment methods link
  • From the enrolment methods page, choose Course meta link from the drop down menu

Linking to Courses

As soon as 'Course meta link' is selected from the enrolment method drop down menu, Moodle will display a list of courses that you can link to (again, in the form of a drop down menu).

  • Select your a Link course
  • Press the Add Method button
    (the enrolment methods page will display the linked course together with the number of users it contains)

Repeat the entire process as many times as necessary in order to link to multiple child courses.

It is not possible to add or remove users in a metacourse, as the enrolments are defined through the relationship with the link courses.  If course membership is incorrect, it must be corrected in the relevant link course(s).