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You may wish to make a Moodle course unavailable to students while you are working on it. This hides the course from everyone except Teachers enrolled on the course.

When a Moodle course is hidden from students, it will appear with a grey title on your Moodle home page (which indicates that it is available to students).

To make your Moodle course available (or unavailable) to students, click the Edit settings link 

  • In the General section, locate the Visible option and select "Show" or "Hide" as appropriate. The course in the example below is available as it has "Show" selected. Selecting "Hide" would make this course unavailable.

  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page

The default setting when course are automatically created from SAMIS data is that they are Unavailable to students. Make sure that you make the course Available to students when it is ready for them to use.