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Moodle Blocks appear at the sides of the content area and can be customised in a range of ways (depending on what each block is designed to do). They can be added, removed, relocated or ‘docked’ at the side of your screen (in order to expand the size of the course area).

The blocks on the Home page are customisable only by Moodle Administrators; whilst the blocks that appear within individual courses are fully customisable by anyone with Teacher permissions in that course.

The My Home page however, can be customised by anyone with a Moodle account. It provides users with a personal ‘dashboard’, which includes links to relevant courses and the activities within them, such as unread forum posts and upcoming assignments.

Perhaps the most important blocks in Moodle are the Navigation block and Administration block.


Adding blocks

Only someone with Teacher permissions within a given course can add additional blocks to it.

  • In the Administration block, locate and enable the Turn editing on function
  • The Add a block block (shown below) will open on the right hand side of the screen
  • Press the triangle icon to see a list of the available blocks within a drop down menu
  • Select preferred block from the drop down menu (repeat as required)


Removing blocks

The Navigation and Settings blocks are a requirement in any course, so these cannot be deleted, however any of the other blocks within a Moodle course can be removed by someone with Teacher permissions.

  • In the Navigation block, locate and enable the Turn editing on function.
    In doing so, icons will appear under the title of each block.
  • Press the Cog icon on the relevant block and select Delete Activities Block in the drop down menu to remove it.


Moving blocks

Only someone with Teacher permissions in a Moodle course can move blocks:

  • In the Navigation block, locate and enable the Turn editing on function In doing so, icons will appear under the title of each block
  • Press the Move  icon on the relevant block.
    Boxes (with a dashed border) appear in possible alternate positions
  • Click onto one of the boxes in order to move the block to that position.


Collapsing/Expanding blocks

The contents of a Moodle block can sometimes cause it to take up significant vertical space. Where this is the case, individual users (regardless of their role within a course) may wish to collapse blocks in order to reduce the appearance of a ‘cluttered’ site.

  • In the relevant block, identify and click on the Collapse icon
    All text in the block will disappear with the exception of the block name

If a block has been collapsed, it will display the Expand icon . This icon will restore the block to its original size.


Docking blocks

Docking is a process by which you can reduce the amount of space taken up by blocks by moving them to the left hand side of your screen where they can be accessed via a tab-like format.

  • To dock a block, click on the docking icon that appears in the top right hand corner of the block . The block will be relocated on the left hand side of the screen as a tab.
  • Move the mouse pointer over the a docked block to expand it (as in the image below)

Each docked block will feature an un-dock icon

Un-docking blocks will return them back to their previous location.

There will also be an undock icon at the very bottom left of the page, within the grey space. This icon will un-dock all blocks at the same time.




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