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Course creation and enrolments are designed to occur shortly before the start of the teaching period (normally between 2 to 3 weeks before the period is due to begin), and since the enrolment data is drawn from SAMIS it is important that this data is as accurate as possible (containing both the student details and the correct Module Tutor).

Moodle courses for programmes and for non-unit related activities (e.g. to support projects, research groups, SSLCs etc.) can be created upon request by contacting the Technology Enhanced Learning team.


Course access

If you are teaching on a SAMIS coded unit but do not have access to a corresponding Moodle course, you should check that you are listed as the Module Tutor on the unit (units with no Module Tutor are not created automatically), and that the teaching period is imminent. Further details can be found at Teacher access to Moodle courses for SAMIS units.

If you require access to a course far in advance of the teaching period, or you need any other (non-SAMIS) course spaces to be created, you should contact the Technology Enhanced Learning Team who will be able to assist.


Default course availability

All new Moodle courses are 'hidden’ from students by default. This means that students are not unnecessarily exposed to empty courses or courses that are ‘under construction’.

Hidden courses will still appear on the Home page of the Moodle Teacher; however the course links will be displayed in a paler shade of blue (indicating that students will not be able to view it).