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This will appear on every Moodle page, although its location may differ. It contains five main links that refer to different parts of Moodle.

HomeLinks to the Moodle front page that displays after logging on
My homeLinks to a personal, customisable ‘dashboard’
Site pagesContains links to items with site wide (rather than course specific) relevance
My courses

Used to navigate between courses and the resources and activities located in them. 

Unlike in earlier instances of Moodle, where the option to amend your details was contained within the Navigation Block, My Profile is now located in the menu under your username in the top right hand corner of the page.

Arrow icons that point to the right indicate that this item can be further expanded. You can either click onto a course link, or you can expand that item still further in order to go directly to a resource or activity.

Since the Navigation block appears throughout Moodle, this navigation method enables you to move rapidly between courses, content and resources from anywhere in the site. However, this block will only display 30 of your Moodle courses.

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