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News forums - Only teachers are able to post to News forums and reply to posts

To add a post to a forum:

  • Click on Add a new topic (in a News Forum) or Add a new discussion topic (in other forum types)
  • Give your post a Subject - this is the wording that will show on the front page of the forum
  • Add your Message.  The html editor will allow you to use formatted text and to include images, links, audio/video.

There is no save or auto-save feature within the Moodle forum editor. If you lose your connection to Moodle while you are writing a longer post, you will lose the forum content you have written.  For lengthier forum posts, it might be a good idea to write them somewhere using a simple text editing application with a save function and then copy the text into the forum post when complete.

Do not cut and paste text into a forum post from Word, the internet or other locations (or to anywhere else in Moodle!).  Cut and paste text can severely affect the formatting of your post and make it unreadable. For an alternative method of adding text from elsewhere see the FAQ on 'Cutting and pasting into Moodle'. link

  • If Subscription to the forum is optional (email alerts for new posts and repies) you can choose whether or not to subscribe to the forum.
  • You can Add files to your forum post as attachments.  You can usually add multiple files to a post, but this setting may have been changed by the user that set up the forum initially.
  • When you click on Post to forum you will be given 30 minutes to check and edit your post before it is sent out to participants. It is recommended that, at this point, you go back to the main forum page, click on your post and check that it appears as you expected.
  • If you tick the Mail now check box this 30 minute editing period will not be given.  Using 'Mail now' does not mean that all participants on the course will be emailed immediately.  See the FAQ on 'eMails from forum posts ' for an explanation.

To reply to a forum post:

  • Go to the forum post in question by clicking on its name.
  • Click on the Reply link to the bottom right.
  • Follow the steps for adding a post as above and then click on Post to forum.
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