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This process will remove one or multiple SAMIS cohorts to a Moodle course in order to remove the corresponding users.

Prior to using the Manage Mappings interface, you may wish to consider Understanding the Manage Mappings interface.


At this point, a new window will open up.  This window will display a list of all of the courses that you have Teacher access to. 

  • Find the course from which you wish to remove a cohort (if you have many courses, you may wish to use the Search facility to help you locate the relevant one).
  • Identify the course to which you wish to remove cohorts, and expand the reference to it by pressing the expand  icon.

  • Identify the cohort that you would like to remove from the course and press the Remove cohort button. The cohort will become greyed showing that it has been removed.  Once you are happy with the change that you've made, press the Save Changes button.

Further information
  • Such mappings synchronise with SAMIS on a nightly basis - Sunday to Thursday inclusive. 
  • To synchronise all cohort mappings for the Moodle course with SAMIS immediately, you should press the Sync Course button.
  • To view all enrolled users including their unenrolment conditions, press the View Enrolled Users button.

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