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You will need to follow the steps below to remove or unenrol users onto Moodle courses manually.

  • Locate the Administration block within your course
  • Press the Users link and then the Enrolment Methods link

The number of users enrolled via a specific enrolment method will be displayed, alongside a range of icons (as below)

  • Select the Enrol users icon adjacent to the manual enrolment method, as highlighted above
  • The enrol users screen will display as shown below

  • Select all of the enrolled users that you wish to remove - hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard to select multiple users.
  • Press the Remove button


Important Notes

  • The main cause of student enrolments persisting across multiple academic periods is generally due to the existence of manual enrolments. Manual enrolments override all other types of enrolments – if a user is added manually, they will need to be removed manually.
  • If a user was added to a course in any other way than through the Moodle-SAMIS integration, they are considered a ‘manual’ enrolment.  This includes those who used an enrolment key to gain access to the course, those who were added through the Assign Roles function and (very rarely) those who were bulk uploaded by the e-Learning Team.
  • Since the Self enrolment method involves a manual process, any users added in this way will also need to be removed manually. 
  • Additionally; you should be aware that users added automatically via the Moodle-SAMIS integration, will be recreated (following the next synchronisation with SAMIS) if they are deleted whilst the period slot code is still active.
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