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Backups can be restored at any time.  If you are restoring the backup immediately following its creation, you should click the Restore link; however you can also restore the course at a later date:

  • From the course that contains the backup, locate the Administration block
  • Click the Restore link (the import backup page displays)

If the backup still exists within the course, click the Restore link.

If however you have previously downloaded your backup (as recommended):

  • Click the Choose a file button (the file picker displays – as shown below)

  • Click onto the Upload a file link and Browse for your backup file
  • Click the Upload this file button
  • Click the Restore button (the course restore wizard launches)


Step 1

This is simply a confirmation screen that displays a list of those items that are part of the backup file itself.

  • Click the Continue button
Step 2
  • Select how you would like to restore the data. Only select the 'Delete the contents of this course and then restore' if you are certain you want to start from scratch.

  • Press the Continue button
Step 3
  • Select the items that you would like to restore(as shown in the image below)

Anything displaying a red cross and a padlock icon will be unavailable to you – usually it will be because this data was not selected for inclusion in the original backup file.


  • Click the Next button
Step 4
  • Select the content that you would like to restore(as shown in the image below)

In the above example, no user data (course memberships / assignment submissions etc.) had been included in the backup file; so the user data column is unavailable for inclusion in the restoration process.

Step 5

A confirmation screen appears.

  • Review your settings and click the Perform restore button (the restoration may take a few minutes – depending on the amount of data being restored)
Step 6

A confirmation message will appear when the process has been completed

  • Press the Continue button to return to review the course

If you want to restore your backup to a new or different course, please send your backup file to the e-Learning Team (via, who will be able to do this for you.

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