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Downloading submitted work

Once students have submitted their work for assessment, you will now be ready to mark their work. This is usually done by:

  • Visiting your course home page
  • Clicking on the assignment activity name (e.g. Assignment 1), and then, 
  • Clicking on the View/grade all submissions link in the central part of the page

Assignments can be downloaded individually  (by right clicking on the relevant file name) or in bulk (by selecting Download all submissions from the Grading action menu located on the top left hand side of the screen). 

Ensuring anonymity and viewing Turnitin reports

As is displayed in the example above, 

  • A submission has been made by Participant 19100590. Please note that to preserve anonymity, student names' and their email addresses are not shown at this point.
  • One file submission, Spectre.docx, has been made by this participant
  • A Turnitin similarity score has been generated, where the originality report can be displayed by clicking on box with a red background showing 94% similarity
  • As highlighted below, the originality report has also been anonymised in Turnitin.

Marking submissions

  • Submissions can be marked by clicking on the pencil icon(s) within the Grade column. 
  • In this example, a percentage score has been awarded for the work, a Feedback Comment has been left and a Feedback File has been uploaded.


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