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Assignment activity overview: anonymised

As detailed in Step 3, the anonymous student submission in this example has now been graded. This is shown below.

Revealing student names

Proceed with caution! Student names can only be revealed as a one-time operation. Once this has been done, student names cannot be reverted to Participant Identifiers. As such, you should only complete the following steps, should you be absolutely sure that this is as intended.

To reveal all student names, select the Reveal student identities from the Grading action dropdown menu.

As shown below, you will be asked to confirm this operation. As per the advice above, you should only proceed to click Continue if you are comfortable with your decision. Otherwise, please click on Cancel.


Student names will now have been revealed to the marker and the grades and feedback will automatically be made available to the students. This is demonstrated in the example below where the fields First name, Surnames and Email address are now displayed.




Student view

Assuming that all of these steps have been completed, the mark awarded as well as any feedback left will now be visible to the relevant student. An example of this is shown below.


Students will not be able to see feedback or grades until anonymity has been lifted.



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