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Moodle is linked to SAMIS. This means that Moodle courses are automatically created when the unit is created in SAMIS.

The unit convenor (or "Module Tutor") and any Students enrolled on the unit in SAMIS will be automatically enrolled on the corresponding Moodle course.


"I am the unit convenor"

The lack of access is often due to the details in the Module Tutor field in SAMIS being incorrect or incomplete. For example, the unit convenor for the last academic year may be listed in the Module Tutor field. As such, you will not have been granted access as a Teacher to the Moodle course. If the Module Tutor field is currently blank, no corresponding Moodle course will have been created.

If Moodle courses do not appear as expected, please check with your Faculty Undergraduate/Postgraduate Office Team that the Module Tutor field in SAMIS for the relevant unit(s) is correct.

Once the relevant field has been updated, you will be granted access to the Moodle course for the unit within 24 hours, usually overnight, following the Moodle-SAMIS synchronisation process. If this does not happen, please contact the Technology Enhanced Learning team.     


"I am not the unit convenor, but am teaching on the unit"; "I need access as a Director of Teaching"

If someone else is coordinating the unit, you should get in touch with them in the first instance and asked to be enrolled as a Teacher on the Moodle course. (Instructions on how they can do this can be found at Adding users to Moodle courses).

Information on why you must ask the unit convenor, rather than the e-Learning team, for access to such Moodle courses can be found in the Policies & Planning section of the Moodle Service blog.

If you do not know who the unit convenor for the unit is, please contact your Faculty Undergraduate/Postgraduate Office Team. Contact details for your Faculty team can be found at: