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Please note that these resources were created outside of the University of Bath. They are aimed for those users enrolled as Teachers in Moodle courses.

Whilst a range of functionality described within them will be the same, or similar, it is quite possible that the look of their Moodle installation might be different. Should these resources lead to any queries, please contact the Technology Enhanced Learning team at .

Moodle Docs
  • Moodle Docs is maintained by the Moodle Foundation, in partnership with the user community. This encompasses a wide ranging and in-depth documentation. 

Please note that this documentation is recommended for Advanced Users only. You should be aware that our current version is Moodle 3.1.

Bloomsbury Learning Enviornment
Glyndwr University

This institution have published a number of blog posts on the following key areas of Moodle - these resources refer to an earlier version of Moodle than we are currently using:

University of Nottingham
York St. John University
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