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Once you have added and located the SAMIS Integration block, you will need to understand how the Manage Mappings interface works.

This window will display a list of all of the courses that you have Teacher access to. Identify the course to which you wish to add additional cohorts, and expand the reference to it by pressing the expand  icon.



Typically, you will see one of two views for each Moodle course.

No mappings

Default and/or User created mappings

Cohort mappings are typically referred to as either default or bespoke.

default mapping is one that is applied automatically to a course, having been identified the relevant SAMIS code for that unit. This means that if your Moodle course represents a SAMIS unit or programme (and has the relevant SAMIS code) that the corresponding cohort of students will be automatically enrolled - assuming they are correctly registered in SAMIS. 

bespoke mapping however is user defined - enabling additional (non-default) cohorts to be added to the course. These can be removed at any point, if required.



In each of the images above and immediately below, you will see four blue buttons, each of which is explained below.

  • Save Changes - Allows you to save any changes that you have made whilst working with the Manage Mappings interface. Should you close the window without saving your changes, you will be prompted to do so. 
  • Add Cohort - Allows you to add one or more programme or unit mappings. This interface below will appear on clicking this button.

You will also have noticed the Unenrol method dropdown. The options contained within are explained below.


 If a cohort is registered on SAMIS for a unit for semester 1 they have access to the Moodle course for that period only.

Specified Date You can select any future date when the cohort will be automatically unenrolled from the Moodle course.
  • Sync Course - Mappings synchronise with SAMIS on a nightly basis - Sunday to Thursday inclusive. To synchronise all cohort mappings for the Moodle course with SAMIS immediately, you should press this button.
  • View Enrolled Users - Allows you to view who is enrolled on your Moodle course, their enrolment method and when they are due to be un-enrolled from the course (as below)


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