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In earlier versions of Moodle, it was possible for Teachers to log in as individual students. This is no longer possible in Moodle.

Given that anything Teachers do when logged in as a student is recorded as having been done by them, this was potentially problematic and unethical.

Instead, you are able to switch your role in any Moodle course to that of a student, which will replicate what any student on the course sees.

To do this,

  • Locate your profile settings found next to the username in the top right hand corner, where the logged in username is visible. Click on the username where a downward arrow is present.


  • Click on the username where a downward arrow is present.Click on Switch role to...

This will open the list of roles that you can assume within the course (as above)

  • Press the role you wish to assume, e.g. Student

To switch back to your normal role,

  • Press the Return to my normal role link in the top right hand corner of the course.


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