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Panopto content can be viewed a number of ways dependent on how the course has been setup.


If your Moodle course has been setup for this (the majority of content has been setup this way), content can be viewed from the Re:View (Panopto) block that is shown on the right hand side of your screen.

On the Panopto website

You can view all public content here without logging in. At, you should click on View Sessions to see all public content

To see all content that is available to you, login to the Panopto website using the instructions detailed elsewhere. If you are not University of Bath staff or student, you should (or will) have been given a username and password specific to view the content.

Please not that if you are viewing content on a PC or Mac, you will need to install Silverlight. This is already installed on all centrally managed PCs by default. To view the content under Linux, install MoonlightContent can be viewed on all Apple devices without any additional setup.


Via an iTunes/RSS subscription

If this has been made available, you can subscribe to updates either by selecting the Video or Audio podcasts link in your Moodle block or by clicking the RSS icon when displayed - for this you will need either iTunes or a compatible RSS reader.

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