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Naming Topics

If you have chosen a topic based format for your course, the Navigation block will reference each one numerically, however it is possible to give topics titles.

As the structure of a course is reflected in the navigation block, these titles not only provide useful ‘sign-posting’ to users of the course, but also improve the clarity of structure.

When editing is turned on in a course, a number of additional icons appear throughout your course. When expanded, the Edit menu that appears in the upper right hand corner of each topic box (as highlighted below) enables you to select the Edit topic option. This will enable you to modify the label associated with each topic. Simply click on the Edit menu to expand the menu.

To modify a topic label:

  • Click onto the spanner icon in the topic you wish to update (The topic summary screen will appear)
  • Uncheck the Use default section name option
  • Enter your own Section heading and (if desirable) a summary description

User defined section headings should be meaningful. Not only will they appear at the top of the topic box, but they will also appear in the navigation block.

Summary descriptions can contain a range of media including text, multimedia resources and equations.


Modifying topic/week visibility

If a course is in Turn editing on mode, under the Edit menu, there will be a series of icons. Where this is the case, clicking onto the open eye icon will enable you to hide the entire topic from the students.

If the topic is hidden from students, it will be displayed with a grey header (to those with Teacher access). To unhide a topic, simply expand the Edit menu and select the closed eye icon to Show topic.

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