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4th June 2019

It was dry but a bit on the chilly side this week as we played on piste 2 & 4 at Queen Square. It wasnt our best night as we only won one match for both teams. Omniboule results were 5-3, 8-2 and a close 4-3! Omniboule started on an 8-0! (luckily it wasnt 9!), 9-4 and finally a win with 6-1!! Still a great night and we'll be back in two weeks!

20th May 2019 

Another sunny evening in Queen Square and we had a lot of us turn up! Omniboule team included Paul, Julie, Rachel, Ben and Lee and Boulez Vous was Martin, Lynda, Richard, Carolyn, Bee and Llew-Ann.

Boule Vous had a bit of a winning streak starting strong and wining 7-2 for the first match and then just getting a win at 4-3 on the second game. The last game was 5-2 but the opposition knocked out the jack on the third end which resulted in a dead end!

Omniboules were so close too! First game they lost by one, Second was a win and finally the last game score was 8-1. Overall it was a really fun night ! 

20th May 2019 

Its still dry !!! yay! so we had a bit of a practice at the Claverton Down Community Hall. 

14th May 2019

The sun was out and it was the opening night of the Bath League de Petanque! It was the first time we played with two teams. Paul, Llew-Ann and Lee were in Omniboule and Richard, Julie, Bee and Rachel were playing for Boulez Vous. Took us a while to get back into it. Omniboule was a bit disappointed but we still had fun either way (3 losses (sad)). Boulez Vous had better luck with 1 win, 1 draw and a loss. Good thing points didn't count this time! The first league match will be next week on the 21st May!

There were drinks, and A LOT of cheese so we still had a great time. 

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