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Weeks 16-20

Two days per week; 10 hours total

During the Thursday and Friday of each week in Serial 2 you are expected to be in your Homeschool. Your Professional Tutor and Mentor will discuss your programme, adjust the balance between activities to meet your personal and course needs.
Typically, the two days will probably include the following activities although no notional hours are attached to them:

Weekly meetings with your Subject Mentor

Teacher/class/child-focused activities (possibly including some teaching) as negotiated with your Mentor in order to meet the goals of the SD programme and your own developmental needs

Weekly meetings with your Professional Tutor

Teacher/class/child-focused activities as negotiated with your Professional Tutor in order to meet the goals of the EPS programme and your own developmental needs

Working on your Educational Study Assignment

For some trainees continuing teaching during this time will be seen as important so that they are able to make appropriate progress towards the Complementary School placement. Where this is necessary, this will probably include an element of fully delegated responsibility for classroom teaching.

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