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The fundamental purpose of the PGCE in Partnership course is to help you to develop the skills of a critical reflective practitioner; that is, to help you become a teacher who can reflect on and analyse your own practice, and select effective strategies to use which will facilitate and support pupils' learning.  The course as a whole, and its component parts, begins from the premise that your professional experience is an important resource for your own learning and continuing professional development. Thus, there is a close linkage between work that you will do in the University and your time in school. We work in close partnership with our placement schools and staff in those schools have a key role in delivering the programme, supporting you and assessing your progress.

To bring this about, the course sets out to enable you to develop understanding and capabilities in the following areas:

  • the nature of knowledge as represented by aspects of the subject curriculum, and by education itself;
  • your own pedagogical subject knowledge, i.e. that range of skills and competences which distinguishes an effective teacher from a lay person at an equivalent academic level;
  • the various roles and responsibilities which teachers have in nurturing the growth and development of all children within the full ability range found in schools; and,
  • the roles of the school and its place within the community and society which it serves.

To enable you to achieve this, the course is organised in a way which:

  • is professionally-focused, experiential, and which enables you to develop the skills of reflection and analysis;
  • builds on our understanding of how children learn and the principles of effective learning and teaching;
  • focuses upon the National Curriculum as 'an entitlement for all' pupils irrespective of background, ability, gender or race;
  • embodies a commitment to equalising opportunities for all learners and for all course members;
  • facilitates the development of both practical-classroom and wider-school competences;
  • is based on your practical experience of learning and teaching in a variety of school and community contexts; and,
  • makes an initial contribution to a longer-term process of professional development and growth.
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