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One of the features of the 'PGCE in Partnership' course is the extensive nature of your work in schools and how this is integrated with your University programmes.

During the period of placement you will, as far as possible, be treated as a member of the school staff, and will be expected to conform to the regulations and customs of the school. Your training as a professional teacher includes being on site each day, as would be expected of the teaching staff at your school.

Your placements in schools are a critical part of your programme. At all times you must ensure that you follow the policies and procedures that are operated by your school. In particular you should know and understand:

  • Your duty of care for pupils;
  • Duties under the Children Act;
  • Health and Safety, Behaviour and Discipline;
  • 'Every Child Matters' agenda.

You will receive a copy of the 'Bristol Guide'. This booklet provides a clear overview of aspects of the law and statutory frameworks which govern teachers' professional responsibilities and duties. You should read this carefully and talk to your Professional Tutor about your Homeschool's and Complementary School's policies relating to the law.

You should remember that you owe courtesy and consideration to the school whose guest you are.  You should assist with general school activities, share in routine duties and supervision and take an interest in all aspects of the school's life and work.

This section gives details of what you will be expected to do during your time in school and other information about placements.

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