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A list of handy commands in linux. Just thrown together for now.

Linux commands will usually follow this format:

command [-switch] [argument]

Where the optional 'switch' will act on the command to change the behaviour of the command, and an argument may be used to specify what the command acts on, so often a file or directory name. Remember that UNIX/Linux commands are case sensitive, and in particular there's often a big difference between an upper case switch and a lower case one.




What it does



directory name

Directory listing - shows you what is in the directory



Gives a 'long listing' with a lot more information



Shows all files, including hidden ones




directory name

'Change Directory' - i.e. in your home directory, 'cd dos' will move you to the folder that appears in windows as "My Documents"







file name

Converts the given filename from dos format to unix format



file name

Converts the given filename from unix format to dos format







command name

Displays a man (manual) page for the given command








Display a list of all users currently on the same server as you

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