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We have a number of standalone computers within the Department, which for various reasons don't have anti-virus software installed. As it's necessary to transfer files to and from these, USB memory sticks are often used, which opens the computers up to infections.

Please use the following procedure to create a scan in sophos, so that you can scan your USB stick both before and after using it in one of these computers.

The default sophos scans only let you know that there is a virus/malware there, it won't do anything with it.

Before you go any further, plug the USB stick in (and check which drive letter windows has given it), so that you'll know which drive to tell sophos to scan.

So, to create your scan, open up Sophos from the start menu entry - it should look like this:

Click the "Set up a new scan" link to start the process - you'll get the screen below. Note that I've already renamed this scan to 'USB Stick' so that I can find it easily in the future.

Now, select the drive to scan, by ticking the relevant box:

and then click the "Configure this scan" link at the bottom to bring up the configuration options.

On the 2 configuration tabs, you need to select the following items:

and then click OK.

You will be returned to the previous screen, with the scan ready to run, so just click "Save and start" (at the top right) to save the scan for the future, and run in on the stick currently connected.

While scanning you'll get the usual sophos progress box:

When it finds a nasty, sophos should attempt to clean it, and if that fails either move the malware to quarantine, or delete it completely.

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