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Tested using Ubuntu 9.04 on a remote laptop

First things first - we need to ensure that we have the relevant bits installed, so in a terminal enter:

and let it install.

Now, to configure the VPN connection:

1. Click on the network manager icon in the task bar and select VPN Connections and then Configure VPN.
2. In the VPN configuration window, click Add
3. In the Configuration wizard, click Next
4. On the second page, under Connect To, select PPTP Tunnel and then click Next, and fill the boxes as shown below (though use your own username, obviously(smile))

5. Click the "Advanced" button, and set it up like this:

6. Now we need to make a slight change, which doesn't appear in the gui anywhere that I can find, so back to the terminal and enter:

7. Go through the settings on the left to get to the section shown (note you may have more connections than me, you'll have to pick the right one):

8. Go into the VPN section...

9. Right-click, and "Add a new key" like this:

10. Close everything, then reboot (for some reason it doesn't always appear until this has been done) and you should now have the VPN connection working.

11. To use the VPN, go to the VPN connections in the Network manager, select it, and it should connect. Disconnect by going to the VPN connections and selecting "Disconnect."

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