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The Subject Didactics component is assessed in three ways. 

1. Your Teaching Practice.

This element is assessed by your school mentor.  Each week you should meet your mentor and discuss your progress using the ATP (Assessing Trainee Progress) document which will be introduced to you at the start of the course. At the end of each Block your ATP will inform your overall grade you accordingly. At the end of the course your final grade will be added to your reference.

2. SD Portfolio Tasks

Your SD Portfolio consists of 4 Assignments; two 1,000 word portfolio tasks, the 5000 word SD History Assignment and your History Masterpeice lesson plans, resources and review.(There is also a 5000 word EPS Assignment.)

3. Professional Development Portfolio

Your PDP is an audit of evidence collected both in and out of school to show your progress against the 8 Teaching Standards.

Assessment Checklist

Assignment Title

Deadline Date


Portfolio Task 1 (1000 words)
'Analysing History Lessons and Learning'

Monday 14th October 2013


Porfolio Task 2 (1000words) 'SEN-A pupil Case Study'

Monday 6th January 2014


History SD Assignment Lit Review Draft (1500words)

Monday 27th January 2014


History SD Assignment (5000 words) Final Copy

Upload to Moodle 

Wednesday 23rd April 2014


Professional Development Portfolio
Checked by School Mentor

BLOCK 1 Evidence
Wednesday 11th December 2013  


Professional Development Portfolio
Checked by School Mentor

BLOCK 2 Evidence
Wednesday 26th March 2014


Professional Development Portfolio
Checked by School Mentor

BLOCK 3 Evidence
Wednesday 4th June 2014


Your History 'Masterpeice.' 

Starter:Monday 20th January 2014
Main: Monday 23rd April 2014 
Plenary: Monday 27th May 2014  


EPS Assignment

Wednesday 23rd April


Other Important Deadlines

TaskDeadline Date



Upload Block 1 Timetable to Moodle                             Wednesday 13th November 2013   
Upload Block 2 Timetable to MoodleWednesday 26th February 2014 
Upload Block 3 Timetable to MoodleWednesday 30th April 2014 
Phase Liason Visit

30th-31st January 2014

or 6th -7th February 2014

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