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Analyse a problematic concept or topic in the learning of History

5000 words

You will be expected to complete a single, written assignment to give an overall grade for Subject Didactics in the Coursework Component of the PGCE. This assignment will be marked at Masters Level against the criteria below.

This written assignment has been designed to ensure that you draw on all the SD (and perhaps some of the EPS) work undertaken at the University and at your Homeschool, as well as being informed by relevant literature. University tutors will mark this assignment and you will be given individual feedback. It is expected that assignments will be properly referenced in order to show that your thinking and writing is fully informed by the work of others.  Evidence of reading of both professional and academic literature is required. 

The task is very simple.

  1. Identify and research a historical concept, topic or process which presents difficulty for childeren at either KS3 or 4. 
  2. Define clearly this concept, topic or process. 
  3. Research how pupils progress in their mastery of this concept, topic or process and what difficulties/pitfalls they face.
  4. Analyse the different approaches to teaching your chosen issue and evaluate them in light of the wider literature and your school experience.
  5. Finally use your research and experience to develop create a new approach to this issue or problem.
  6. Using your experience, research and insight develop and teach a series of lessons focusing on your chosen topic, concept or process.
  7. Evaluate the effectiveness effectiveness in light of the wider literature; include all copies of your lesson plans and resources in your appendices. 

The aim of this assignment is to weave together theory and practice.


  • To be able to draw critically on the academic and professional literature.
  • To develop and apply subject knowledge
  • To understand how the above translates to the development of Historical concept
  • To develop your understanding of approaches to teaching History
  • To develop learning activities in your classroom and appreciate the relationship between this and pupil progress
  • To have the ability to reflect on and develop the effectiveness of your own professional practice.

Guidance and Support

There will be sessions dealing with reading academic literature and making critical analysis etc. during the EPS sessions and although they will concentrate on the Education Study (ES) the SD assignment is marked using the same criteria and counts for the same, in terms of marks. It is useful therefore, to use the guidance that the ES receives for writing this history assignment. However the guidance below may help you in writing your assignment.  Don't forget to use the reading list at the end of the handbook in support of your assignment.

PGCE Masters Level Criteria.

History SD assignment Guidance -please read this very carefully.

History SD assignment overview proforma -to be submitted in week 12.

Assignment example 1

Assignment example 2


S3, S4, S5, S1,S2, S6


1. Completed SD Assignment proforma/outline------------Week 12 Monday 25th November 2013

2. Completed SD Assignment Literature Review----------- Week 16 Monday 27th January 2014

3. Completed SD Assignment handed in ------------------  Week 28 Wednesday 23rd April 2014

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