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'Analysing history lessons and learning'

Briefing on Wednesday week 2. To be handed in on Monday 15th October.

Recommended Outline

1. Observation (c. 350 words)
a) Summarise the intended learning outcomes and structure of one history lesson illustrating this with a completed lesson observation sheet (see SD booklet week 2).

b) Describe how the pupils responded to the lesson including what they found easy / difficult. Provide evidence of their learning including their conceptions and misconceptions of subject matter.

c) Summarise the mentor's / teacher's rationale for their lesson including:

  • What s/he wanted pupils to learn
  • How s/he makes subject matter accessible to pupils
  • How s/he takes account of the age / ability of the pupils
  • How the lesson meets National Curriculum / syllabus requirements

d) Summarise a contrasting lesson using evidence from your own observations or those of another trainee teacher

2. Discussion (c. 350 words)
Please provide a discussion of your findings. This should include:

  • The similarities and differences between the structures of the two lessons and reasons for these
  • How effective the lessons were in achieving the intended learning outcomes for all pupils
  • A summary and brief explanation of any key theories about how pupils learn which you have found relevant to these lessons, explaining how the lessons illustrate these theories

3. Task Review (c. 350 words)
What have you learnt from your observations, reading and reflection about lesson planning and learning?
In light of this, what are your personal targets for planning lessons and promoting learning in history?
Show how you have tried to address these targets with reference to a lesson which you have planned and taught including your lesson plan and evaluation (and mentor observation notes) as evidence. Summarise how you will use this task as evidence for standards. Annotate your task to show where standards have been addressed.

The appendix must include:

  • completed observation sheets
  • your lesson plan and evaluation
  • Any other relevant evidence eg. mentor observation, lesson resources, pupil response.

5. Standards
S4, S1

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