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SD Portfolio Task 2--'SEN – A Pupil Case Study'

(1000 words excluding references and appendices)

Briefing on 22 October 2012. Completed by Monday 07 January 2013 for your SD tutor to mark.

The aim of this task is to examine how you adjust you teaching to support students with Special Educational Needs.  To complete this assignment you will need to work with the school SENCO. 
Start by identifying a pupil who has specific educational needs.  Discuss the pupil with the SENCO-and make sure you read IEPs and background material. 
Next track the pupil's class for a day and reflect on the different approaches to personalisation across different faculty areas.  Reflect on the different strategies; what worked, what didn't.
Use this information to develop your skills in planning and teaching to meet the pupils identified educational needs, monitor the progress that the pupil makes as a result.

The notes and records you will have kept while doing the task will be integrated and analysed in writing this report. The report can be in the form of numbered paragraphs; it is not an essay or assignment, more like a professional report for school records. An Appendix should include any relevant documentation/evidence.
You are also expected to send a copy of this report to the SENCO or school-based tutor who supported you in doing it

Recommended Outline
 1.Background (c.300 words)

  • What needs does the pupil have?
  • How have they been assessed?
  • What does national and inschool guidance say about the needs of this pupil.
  • What committments have been made(by school, LEA etc)?

2. Discussion (c350 words)

  • How are this pupils needs being met in light of your observations and evaluations? 
  • How do different teachers/support staff differentiate for this pupil? 
  • Are they effective? 

3. Review and Development (c350 words) 

  • How will you differentiate for this pupil? 
  • Are the pupils needs being met? 
  • What have you learnt about differentiation from this task?

4. Important Note: Sensitivities

Please when writing this report be aware of sensitivities of both the pupils and other staff.  It is important to keep the report and appendices anonymous and your comments should be framed sensitively.  When tracking a pupil for the day please note it should be the class you are observing the individual pupils should not be aware they are the focus of your observation.

5. Standards

S5, S1,S2

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