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Welcome to the Physical Education Subject Didactics Handbook


To provide through an active partnership, a supportive learning environment for pre-service teachers which results in levels of knowledge and professional competence necessary to maintain and improve standards of delivery in physical education.


The aims of the secondary Physical Education programme are:

  • to give you a high level of knowledge and understanding in Physical Education which will allow you to teach activities as defined in the National Curriculum to secondary school pupils.
  • to enable you to select and use teaching skills and strategies appropriately to create a range of safe and effective learning environments for children.
  • to enable you to help maximise the potential for skill development in pupils.
  • to allow you to analyse and evaluate Physical Education as a subject in its own right and to be able to articulate a justification for the subject.
  • to give you an understanding of secondary school pupils, their development and learning, and the other principal factors that influence their experience in school.
  • to help you develop a critical awareness of your own performance through self assessment and the observation of teachers at work.
  • to enable you to appreciate the child as an individual and to be able to be sensitive, understanding and resourceful when teaching children of a wide range of abilities and backgrounds.
  • to provide an opportunity for you to fulfil the regulations for coaching, teaching and umpiring qualifications of the governing bodies of sport.
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