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Week 18



Learning objective and outcomes of session

QTS standards addressed

Mon 20th   Jan

Room bookings

Lecture 16

To understand specific issues in the teaching of science to pupils for whom English is an additional language




You should:
·        Be aware of particular ways in which EAL pupils may have difficulties in learning science
·        Know some strategies which might be used to support EAL pupils

QCA Scheme of work unit 7C

Naldic resource - teaching science to pupils who have English as an additional language

Example of glossary

National Strategy - Access and engagement in Science - Teaching Pupils for whom English is an additional language

EAL Toolkit Mike Gershon

EAL presentation

Verb sequencing powerpoint




Developing Science Knowledge – Session 11
Experiment Circus 2 and BB


Tues 21st  Jan


ICTiS session 1.

Please make sure you sign up to a group. There re three activities, so depending on which group you are in, you will follow this circus... ICTiS sessions and groups 2014.docx

Here are some further examples of work done in these sessions from past trainees, to give you inspiration perhaps?

interactive_heart.pptx - e-worksheet_-_The_Kidney.xlsx - 49_self_test_quiz_template1.xlsx - 5fluid mosaic model revision vai CJW.ppt

Using navigation in your ppt presentations, and using slide master..docx

Tips for saving a PowerPoint slide show.docx

Time-lapse photography_3.pptx - Science Apps.pptx - Data logging Greenhouse Effect Presentation.pptx -

Don't forget, the next week we want to see your group present an idea that you have worked on using your newly obtained IT (? ICT) skills. The above are there to give you some ideas, but originality is what we want to see....





EPS: Lecture 11
Follow-up seminar




Physics for non-physicists


Wed 22nd   Jan


ICTiS session 2.

As for yesterday, except you swap sessions.



pm (from 1.30 - 3.30.)

This afternoon your  Complementary school mentors are invited to attend a meeting and lunch.

You are invited to meet your mentors from  Complementary schools this afternoon. The purpose of this meeting is to facilitate the transitions from your home school to your new, complementary school. We will give you details of what time to attend, and where.


HW week 18

School Based Activities - week 18

Notes for Mentors

  • With trainee, review evidence that s/he has gathered during Serial 2 and discuss whether s/he has met targets from end of Block 1.
  • Review progress with the SD assignment.

In school this week - notes for Trainee


School-based tasks – week 18

SBT:  Write a short summary of the strategies that your school uses or would use to include EAL pupils in lessons.

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