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Week 19


Learning objective and outcomes of session

QTS standards addressed

Mon 27th Jan

Room bookings

All Day

Visit to Rowdeford School (a specialist school for communication and interaction)

SD groups AP and half of MI to visit today. Other trainees visit on Friday 31st Jan.


Tues 28th Jan


ICTiS presentations from all groups.
You will present your ICT task during this session. See separate instructions




Specialist Science session 6


Wed 29th Jan


HW  Week 19


School Based Activities - week 19

Notes for Mentors



In school this week

  1. Get involved in levelling exercises in the Home school.
  2. Ask your HoD/primary coordinator about the opportunities for Y6 pupils to visit the secondary school before September. What sorts of activities are done and what is the rationale for this?
  3. Are there any mutually agreed activities which are started in primary and then continued when they arrive in September?

School-based tasks – week 19

There are no specific school-based tasks for this week. Remember to look out for opportunities to complete the tasks that are not set to be completed in a specific week:

1: Use a data logger in a lesson, either in a demonstration or used by the pupils themselves. Describe what you did and evaluate how successful it was.

2: If possible, work with some EAL students in the school. Describe the strategies you used to ensure the students were able to access the lesson and to learn. 

3: Plan and teach a lesson or series of lessons that allows you to manage group work, dealing with a controversial issue. Attach the lesson plan(s), with your evaluation, to your e-portfolio.

4: Try out one of the ESEU resources with a group, and evaluate your experience. 

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