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The Sendero Project

Agent-based implementation of NK(C) project

The Sendero Project is based at the University of Bath and is led by Julian Padget (Computer Science) and Richard Vidgen (Management). Sendero has implemented Stuart Kauffman's NK(C) models in REPAST, an agent-based modeling environment. This Wiki provides the documentation for the implementation and is intended as a forum for discussion for users of the software and those interested in agent-based simulations of complex adpative systems.

The software was first developed by Amy Marshall and Rick Mellor, for their final year projects while computer science students at the University of Bath. The software developed by Amy has since been developed further and packaged by James Mitchell.

Further details of the NK(C) models are provided in the University of Bath Working Paper "Sendero: an extended, agent-based implementation of Kauffman's NKCS model" (download).


Background to the NK model: the N, K, A parameters

The NK adaptive walk

The NKC model

Applying the NKC model to organizations

Literature on NK(C) in management and organization studies


Disucssion page: Where next for NKC?

Sendero User Documentation

Download the Sendero NKC software

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