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What are requesting access to the Agresso system to do?

 Input expense claims - all staff are automatically granted access to Agresso to input expense claims.  Log into Agresso via the link of the University staff home page (etools-Agresso) using your standard BUCS login

Ordering goods and services;

School staff can request access to Agresso to raise requisitions to pay suppliers - below is the link to the new users page

This details that you have to request access via the MIS registration form which can be found in the link below

Please complete;

the name of the person who needs access

Give an example of who access should be similar to, for example a colleague who does similar Agresso tasks to those you are requesting access for (or the previous role holder if a new starter)

explain in the box what you will use access for

Ignore the SAMIS section

AGRESSO section - only tick the box 'BUYING GOODS/SERVICES FROM EXTERNAL SUPPLIERS'. This is the only access that will be granted outside the School Finance Office.  All requests for access are sent to the Finance Office for final approval.

Submit the request

Agresso training;

Once you have been granted access you MUST attend Agresso training within 3 months of being granted .  If you do not attend any training, access is rescinded.


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