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The Board of Studies is responsible to Senate for all matters relating to the organisation of education, teaching, learning and research in the School, including all examination matters.

Secretary to the Board : If you would like further information about the Board of Studies for the School of Management, please contact Kay Elliott (ext 6594, email

Membership 2018/19

Vice Chancellor

Normally invited to attend one meeting each year


Professor Veronica HOPE-HAILEY (Dean)

Deputy Dean and Associate Deans – ex-officio

  • Professor Andrew BROWN
  • Dr Philip COOPER
  • Professor Brian SQUIRE
  • Professor Mairi MACLEAN

Elected Members

 With effect fromWith effect to
Dr Paul BAKER1 August 201731 July 2020
Dr Richard KAMM1 August 201831 July 2021
Dr Timothy HILL1 August 201731 July 2020
Mrs Deborah LEWIS1 August 201731 July 2020
Dr Elizabeth MAMALI1 August 201631 July 2019
Dr Monia MTAR1 August 201631 July 2019
Dr Stefanie GUSTAFSSON1 August 201831 July 2021
Mr Ian CRAWFORD1 August 201831 July 2021
Prof Christos VASILAKIS1 August 201631 July 2019

Members from other Faculties

  • Dr Steve WHARTON - Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Professor Steve NEWMAN - Engineering & Design
  • Dr Randolph KOHN - Science

Student members

  • TBC
  • TBC

Sabbatical Officer

Ms Kimberley PICKETT-MCATACKNEY - SU Activities Officer

Head of Learning Partnerships Office

Dr Florin BISSET

Co-opted members

The Board is entitled to co-opt up to a maximum of 5 further members:

 With effect fromWith effect to

Ms Jane HUNT

1 August 201631 July 2019
Ms Elena LIQUETE COTERA1 August 201831 July 2021

Others (in attendance)

Ms Helen RHODES - Library

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