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Terms of Reference (Statute 20.1)

Revised by Senate 5th February 2014

There shall be a Board of Studies of each School which shall have the following functions:

  1. To advise and report to the Senate on all matters relating to the organisation of education, teaching, learning, and research in the subjects of the School, including curricula and examinations.
  2. To consider the progress of Students in the School.
  3. To appoint internal and external examiners in the subjects of the School.
  4. To recommend to the Senate any appointment of an external examiner where the aggregate term of office exceeds four consecutive years.
  5. To consider and where necessary take action on any matters which may be referred to it by the Senate.
  6. To advise and recommend to the Senate on the academic strategy of the School.
  7. To carry out any functions which may be given to or imposed on it by the Ordinances.

Minutes of Meetings 

Please note that the summaries and minutes of meetings of Board of Studies for the School of Management published exclude information the University has declared will not be routinely published under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. 

Read more about the Act (including the reasons why such information is exempt from publication).

If you have any queries about business conducted by the Committee and cannot find reference to it in the summaries/minutes published here, please contact Kay Elliott (ext 6594, email

Procedural Rules

  • Appointment of Chair: The Head of School (Section 8.3 of the Statutes).
  • Appointment of Vice-Chair: See Standing Order 4(a). 
  • Membership: See Ordinance 10. 
  • Co-options: Up to five, see Ordinance 10.
  • Alternates: See Standing Order 1(b). For ex-officio members only - allowed at the discretion of the person nominating.
  • Quorum: See Section 28.1(iv) of the Statutes and Standing Order 4(b-d). 
  • Rules for voting: See Standing Orders 9 and 10.
  • Minutes: Submitted to Senate. 


Each Board of Studies has the power to establish sub-committees as necessary. Each Board of Studies will routinely establish the following sub-committees:

The Board of Studies will also convene meetings (as required) of:

  • Review Sub-Committee (in accordance with Regulation 17, Conduct of Student Academic Reviews and Appeals)

Urgent Business

In accordance with Board of Studies Standing Order 7(f), the Chair is authorised to act on behalf of the Board during the vacation and at other times to deal with urgent business which requires a formal decision before the next available meeting of the Board, subject to report of any action taken to the next meeting of the Board. The decision will be confirmed by the Chair in writing. This is on the basis that, if any such matter is expected to be of significant interest or the subject of significant debate, members of the Board will be consulted by correspondence before any decision is taken or a special meeting of the Board will be scheduled. The Chair of a Sub-Committee of the Board of Studies may also act on behalf of the Sub-Committee during the vacation and at other times to deal with urgent business on the aforementioned basis. In the case of the Faculty/School Research Students Committee, the urgent business procedure can be used during the vacation and at other times where an urgent decision is required in the interests of the student without detriment to the quality and standards of provision.

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