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An XML sitemap is a list of URLs that tells search engines how a site is organised. They can help site crawlers find pages they might otherwise miss, and tells search engines how to sort and categorise traffic. They are also useful for ensuring video content gets included in search results. Learn more about sitemaps.

See here for the latest version:

We use Check Domains ( to generate sitemaps. This is free to use and does not require an account to login.

We don't create new pages that often, so updating it once a month is probably about right (as of March 2016). A reminder to do this has been set in the webadmin calendar.

Generating the sitemap

  1. open
  2. enter our URL - - into the site URL bar
  3. under last modification tick 'None'
  4. set 'Frequency - Priority' to monthly and tick automatic priority
  5. click 'Create sitemap'
  6. Check Domains will create the XML sitemap
  7. When this is done there will be an 'XML sitemap' button on this page
  8. download this
  9. grab a coffee and get ready for the next stage...

Downloading and adding the sitemap

Once downloaded, copy it into the test server's root directory:


You should test the sitemap loads before copying to the live server. Some characters can cause issues (umlauts for example). At this point, you can edit it if you wish, but there should be no need. Once you have made and saved any changes, publish to the live server.

Notify Google and Bing that you've got a new sitemap

Tell Google the sitemap has been updated. Do this through the search console.

  1. login, and click on
  2. under 'crawl', select 'sitemaps'
  3. click 'Add/Test Sitemap'
  4. input 'sitemap.xml' and click 'submit'

Do the same for Bing. Do this through Bing webmaster.

  1. login (click the 'Microsoft account' tab, but log-in using our Gmail email address - logins here)
  2. click on 'configure my site'
  3. click on 'sitemaps'
  4. Paste in '' and click 'submit' or tick the existing one and click 'resubmit'


Google will tell you of any warnings or errors with a sitemap. Errors can stop a sitemap being used by Google and will need addressing. Warnings are less serious and can normally be ignored. We currently receive warnings for embedding the same video on multiple pages. Ignore these.


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