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The university requires that ethical consideration is given to any research being undertaken, regardless of whether it is funded. This is for all academic staff and some students.  Certain types of research may require more ethical review than others.  The flowchart shows, in simple terms, the steps you need to take to ensure any ethical implications of your research have been suitably addressed. You can contact the Research office at any point for advice and guidance.  If you are a PhD or MSc student please see the bottom of this page for guidance.

How to gain ethical approval

You need to complete an online ethics form for all research you undertake.  For funded research applications, you must obtain ethical approval before you will be able to submit your application.

Types of ethical review

When you apply for Research Funding you will be required to complete ethical review as part of your application and costing process.  The majority of projects undertaken by Management academics can be approved within the School, however, a few proposals, dealing with complicated ethical issues may need further input from one of the following:

Please complete this ethics checklist for all projects to determine if approval from Committee is also required. 

Academic Staff

In the "Declarations" section of the form please input the following:

  • Second Reader - someone familiar with the field but not involved in the project.  Guidance here.  
  • Departmental Research Ethics Officer (DREO) - Dr Tahiru Liedong 
  • Head of Division - in the School this is your HOD.

PhD students guidance

All PhD candidates must complete an online EIRA form for their research ahead of their Transfer Panel. 

In the "Declarations" section of the form please input the following:

  • Second Reader - this should be your supervisor (either primary or another member of your supervisory team)
  • Departmental Research Ethics Officer (DREO) - Dr Tahiru Liedong
  • Head of Division - in the School this should be the PhD Director of Studies Dr Iain Davies

The transfer panel chair will check your EIRA form to ensure that a) it has been completed and b) that following any changes, newly arising ethical considerations can be considered.

After your transfer panel, and before you start planning your data collection, please complete the ethics checklist.  This will allow you to reflect on ethical issues that have arisen and will indicate whether further ethical approvals are required. 

MSc Student project guidance

If you are seeking ethical approval for a student project, please refer to this ethics checklist in the first instance.  A yes response to any of the questions will require further approvals.  Please speak to the School Research Ethics Officer, Tahiru Liedong (see contact information below), to discuss either making changes to your project to avoid the ethical issues that have been identified, or to apply for full ethical approval. 

Where to go for more information

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