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If you are looking for external funding for your research, there is lots of help available.  In the first instance it is useful to talk to Research Manager, Amanda Willmott.

1:  How to Identify External Funding

Research Professional 

Research Professional is an online research funding database. It allows you to search for available funding from thousands of UK and international sponsors and also to set up alerts specific to your area of research and/or the type of funding you are looking for.  The majority of all public research calls can be found on Research Professional and we recommend that all academics set up a profile. 

If you would like training, or help setting up a profile, let us know.


  • The School Research Newsletters, sent to all staff at the beginning of each month (excluding January and August) has a section on upcoming calls
  • RIS send out a monthly newsletter with funding calls.

RIS - Research Innovation Services

2:  Applying for External Funding

In order to apply for funding, you must do the following:

  • Complete a costing, using the University costing tool PAM
  • Complete the online ethics process

Costing your application

All academics should have access to the costing tool, called PAM (Proposal to Award Management) , which is accessed via Agresso.  This ensures that your time is costed appropriately, and obtains approval for the application to be submitted.

For help with costings, you can either contact Amanda Willmott, Research Manager in the Research Office, or Pre-Award, within RIS.  

More information on PAM can be found here

Take a look at Pre-Awards Service Level Agreement to see what they can and can't do, and how much notice you should build in,

Ethical Approval

Your costing will not be approved without Ethical approval.  For more detailed information about what is required for ethical approval, please look at the Ethics pages


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