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The Research Incentives Publication Scheme

The Research Incentives Publication Scheme is in place to encourage faculty members to publish papers in ABS4 and ABS4* journals, and to reward people for doing this.

This scheme applies from 1st November 2016 onwards, and the following payments can be applied for:

  • A first round invitation to revise and resubmit a paper for an ABS 4 journal: £500.00
  • Publication of a paper in an ABS4 journal: £1000.00
  • A first round invitation to revise and resubmit a paper for an ABS 4* journal: £1000.00
  • Publication of a paper in an ABS4* journal: £2000.00

You need to apply to the research office to claim these incentives in the following way:

  • For ‘revise and resubmit’ payments: forward both a copy of your paper and the notification from a journal informing you that you have been offered a ‘revise and resubmit’ to the Research Office using the email
  • For ‘publication’ payments: forward a pdf of your paper with its DOI number to the Research Office using the email address:

There are a number of terms and conditions attached to this scheme, so please ensure you read through the policy in total before applying. Read more about the full scheme here. Please also note that requests for both ‘revise and resubmit’ and ‘publication’ payments will be assessed by the Associate Dean for Research, Andrew Brown who is the final arbiter of the incentive scheme.

Journal submission fees fund

The Submission Fees Scheme is aimed to support faculty members to publish their work in journals which demand a fee to review submissions. Financial support is now available when faculty submit to ABS4 and ABS4* journals.

Initial submission fees should be paid by faculty members (k account or the research portion of the conference fund can be used for this) and should this lead to a revise and resubmit, this submission fee can be reimbursed via an application to the Research Office. Future submissions throughout the revise and resubmit process can then be claimed for. Please click here to access the full policy.

Grant submission incentives Scheme

This incentives scheme is to reward academics who spend time submitting applications for externally funded research income.The scheme applies to both successful and unsuccessful applications.

 Workload reduction scheme: Please see full policy here.

 Financial incentive scheme: Incentives Scheme for staff applying for large grants

Remission for Journal Editing

You are able to apply for teaching and administrative load remission if you edit a major journal. Please read the full policy to see if you are eligible and to see how to apply for this


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